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Creating a positive future for responsible ATV / UTV recreation by upholding the highest standards of safety and environmental stewardship through innovation, interaction and education.

View of the Province of BC from the seat of your choice.


Spring Wall paper

Posted Update March 24

Send pictures to Allen at atvbc dot ca

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Personal 3rd party liability / Forestry Act

This is from the "Forestry Act"

12. (1) A person must not operate or cause to be operated a motor vehicle or trailer, other than a motor vehicle or trailer described by section 2 (2) of the Motor Vehicle Act, on a forest service road unless

(a) the driver, motor vehicle and trailer are insured under a valid and subsisting contract of accident insurance providing insurance against liability to third parties in the amount of at least $200 000, and

(b) the driver carries written evidence, supplied by the insurer, of the insurance referred to in paragraph (a), or a copy of that written evidence, and produces it, on demand, to a peace officer, designated forest official, designated environment official or conservation officer under the Wildlife Act.

Overview of Insurance Program


Overview of Insurance Program

Quad Riders ATV Association of BC and their Clubs


(Not personal Liability)

This policy provides coverage for ATV/BC  and all their clubs on file with Oasis. It covers all the day to day activities of the group, including the development, management and construction of trails where they have assumed liability. It would cover club rides, meetings, your annual general meeting and other activities such as display booths at events, shows, membership drives, etc.

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